Gabrielle Bush


Because of my rather large family of 11 and the astronomical costs associated with obtaining a college degree, I began taking a full load of college courses at age 15 while in high school in an effort to ensure that neither I nor my parents would be subsequently saddled with the financial indebtedness so often incurred in obtaining a college education.  I was able to complete my course requirements when I was 17 years old while playing in 2 orchestras 4 days week, tutoring 15 hours a week on campus, as well as tutoring other middle and high school students for the FCAT on the weekends as a volunteer tutor.   With this extensive workload, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in three years with honors and ranked among the top students in my Health Administration graduating class. While a college and graduate student, I was bestowed the honor of membership in the several prestigious honor societies, including the Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society.  When I was 16 years old, I was selected by the university to apply for a tutoring position at FAU and was subsequently hired as a Student Instructor (SI Leader) where I tutored college students in several math subjects, including College Algebra, Methods of Calculus, and Statistics. I retained that position as a graduate student and received notable recognitions by my co-workers and students for my outstanding services as an employee and tutor.  However, my most notable recognition is to be selected by FAU to receive the distinction of being among the 100 most influential women in the 51 year history of the university.


My ultimate career goal is to become the Secretary of Health and Human Services of the United States. As an undergraduate student, I had the privilege of interning with Broward Health Hospital where I received my first experience and exposure to the inner workings of the health care system.    With this experience, I became acquainted with real life issues that impact the health care industry.  To say the least, I was positively impressed and intrigued by this experience in healthcare.  This experience has moved to gain more knowledge about the administration side of healthcare and the effect it has and will continue to have on the general public.  Having obtained my master's degree in Public Administration, I better understand the underpinnings and inner workings of the health care industry, especially how administration of policy affects the public.  Because I believe that it will be most beneficial for me to understand the laws and policies governing the health industry and their effects on the public, I am pursuing my law degree.  Upon completion of law school, I will first acquire the necessary health care experiences with sights on becoming the CEO of a hospital district or of my own health care facility.   Once I have secured the experience and availed myself of the many opportunities to learn about every aspect of the business of health care, I hope to make a profound difference in the care administered to people of every age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, national origin and religion in the United States by becoming the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.